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Scandatex Advantages


Scandatex Advantage

Strength and Durability at a lower cost

Glass textile is an unbeatable surface. It is quick and easy to hang and paint. It provides a surface with no visible joints. It also covers cracks and prevents them from reappearing and when painted, it reflects lights brilliantly.

Scandatex-covered walls means lower maintenance costs, since glass textile is easy to clean, repaint and even repair.

It reinforces the wall and allows the surface to withstand abuse. This makes it perfect for heavily used environments such as hotels, hospitals, stores, libraries, schools, offices etc.

With Scandatex you get walls that can take a beating and look good while doing it.
Scandatex is ideal for Healthcare, Hospitality, School, and Public Venue designs. In short, anywhere there are people, there should be Scandatex.
Outstanding Health Benefits include: Mold and Mildew Resistant, Class A Flame Retardant, Breathable, No Harmful Chemicals or Substances, Sustainable and Made from Natural Materials.
Scandatex makes repairing cracked and damaged walls easy and seamless. It is easy to paint and can be repainted up to 8 times.

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