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Scandatex Mold and Mildew Protection


Problem: Moisture and Mold Growth
Moisture damage and mold or bacterial growth has become a widespread problem for many building owners. The topic has received attention from both industry groups and the media, yet many hotels, hospitals, office buildings and homes still become damaged or unusable because of poor moisture management that results in the growth of mold and mildew.
Four components generate the growth of mildew:
1. mold spores that permeate the air in warm, humid climates;
2. nutrients(food supply) found in construction materials;
3. temperature;
4. moisture.
When impermeable wallcoverings like vinyl are used, water vapor becomes trapped behind the wallcoverings. More important, the impermeability of the wallcovering prevents the wall cavity from drying out. Since water vapor is driven into the insulating cavity by the high outdoor humidity, it becomes trapped and the condensed water can't evaporate. The insulating cavity then stays wet for months. During this time mold can easily grow and structural members can buckle or corrode.
Product Description
ISC Glass Textile Wallcovering Collection of woven glass textile fabrics is specifically designed to allow moisture diffusion and is breathable to reduce the risk of mold and mildew. The range of patterns in the JM Collection offers the functionality of paintable glass textiles and the versatility of color and design flexibility.
The JM Collection is suitable for interior wall and ceiling applications and can be installed over most surfaces with minimal preparation. It is ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other commercial as well as residential installations in high humidity geographic areas.
The paintability of the wallcovering expands design options with patterns ranging from subtle to dramatic while providing the strength, durability, health, and safety of woven glass textiles. Glass textile wallcoverings are made from readily available natural materials with no toxic components, are flame retardant, and breathe to vent moisture minimizing the potential for mold and mildew growth. Glass textiles are dimensionally stable and provide a durable system that strengthens walls.
Installation Instructions
Follow ISC installation instructions for high humidity areas utilizing suggested wall surface primers and paint coatings. Follow standard ISC installation instructions for the fabric making sure not to leave any space when butting seams. Otherwise, the space may be visible after painting. Match the pattern as appropriate. Wipe any excess adhesive from the front side with a moist sponge. After 24 hours or when completely dry, roll a high quality latex paint (preferably with anti-microbial additives) in the desired color over the fabric working the paint into the weave.
Recommended Paint
Use two coars of high quality satin sheen or less paint, preferably with anti-microbial additives.
Recommended Adhesives
Ultra Clear Roman Pro 880
Dynamite 785(formerly Gibson-Homans Shur Stik 785)
Dynamite 234(formerly Evans 00234)
Surface Burning Characteristics
Flame Spread (ASTM E 84 and UL 723) 25 or less
Smoke Developed (ASTM E 84 and UL 723) 50 or less
Burn Test(NFPA 265/UBC 8-2) Pass
High Temperature Delamination Test (UBC 8-2) Pass

Perm Ratings of Wall Systems Using Paint and/or Wallcovering

Perm Rating
(Desiccant Method)
1/2"  (13mm) Gypsum Wallboard
38.0 - 42.0
1/2" (13mm) Gypsum Wallboard with Glass Textile and 2 coats of Flat Paint
1/2" (13mm) Gypsum Wallboard Plus Latex Primer
7.0 - 9.0
1/2" (13mm) Gypsum Wallboard with Glass Textile and 2 Coats of Satin Paint
1/2" (13mm) Gypsum Wallboard with Glass Textile, Latex Primer and 2 Coats of Satin Paint
1/2" (13 mm) Gypsum Wallboard Plus Vinyl Wallcovering
0.05 - 0.8

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