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Scandatex Application Over Wood Paneling


General Applications
Glass textile wallcoverings from ISC can effectively and easily be installed over a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, plastered masonry, drywall and plywood. Typically, walls are pre-primed, and an adhesive is rolled directly onto the wall to accept the wall covering. With proper surface preparation, ISC glass textile wallcoverings can span over imperfections, cover irregular surfaces and can even bridge existing cracks, joints, or grooves. The following instructions for application over wood paneling show how easily this can be accomplished.
Application Over Wood Paneling
  • Prepare paneling by washing with TSP or similar cleaning agent. Rinse well.
  • Glass textile wallcoverings are available in several fabric weights; select a fabric heavy enough to bridge paneling grooves. A site test is suggested to assure a satisfactory end result with little or no telegraphing of the grooves below.
  • If grooves appear noticeably in site test, fill grooves with joint compound.
  • On some older paneling, a stain may have been applied to the grooves. As a precaution, a commercially available stain blocker may be applied to the grooves prior to application of the primer, to prevent any bleeding of the stain.
  • Paneling seams should be taped with fiber glass drywall joint tape or smoothed with joint compound.
  • Use an approved vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive(i.e. Roman Pro 555 or Gibson-Homans 760). Or, as an alternative, prime with an adhesion-promoting acrylic primer such as Roman R35/Pro 935. With primer, the standard recommended adhesives can be used.
  • Continue installation using the standard glass textile wallcovering installation instructions being careful not to depress the fabric into the grooves.

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